Decorating Your Small Space For The Holidays

Just because you're in a small space doesn't mean you can't go all out for the holidays. Whether you want to spruce up your office, dorm room, or small apartment, we've got decorating ideas to help you make the most of your space and keep it full of holiday cheer. Check them out below and feel the Christmas spirit wherever you are - school, work, or in the comfort of your home.

1. Don't Forget Your Side Tables - For most of the year you probably leave these surfaces fairly free to make room for beverages and snacks, and because clutter is the enemy of small spaces. However, during the holiday season side or end tables are a prime spot for adding decorative touches.

Image via Finding Home

2. Deck Your Doorways - Hanging garland and lights around your doorway is a great way to decorate without losing any space. We think this is an especially creative and clever way to display holiday cards; think about how much space those take up!


Image via Nine & Sixteen Home

3. Hang Ornaments From Your Ceiling - We're not talking about your entire ceiling or encouraging you to hang a thousand decorations, but in places where space comes at a premium you've got to use what you can. Stringing some pretty ornaments from above can add a bit of Christmas whimsy to any space.

Image via HouseBeautiful

4. Dish It Out - Festive cups and other dishes are a simple yet great way to bring the holiday spirit into a room. They are especially handy if you're trying to decorate your office, where you might have some serious restrictions, both in terms of space and not being able to hang decorations on walls. Drink your morning coffee or afternoon tea from a reindeer mug, it'll perk you right up. And if you're like us and leave your mug on your desk all day it'll double as a decoration.

Image via Just A Girl

5. Use Hooks And Racks - Believe it or not your coat hooks and racks are the perfect spot to add a bit of holiday cheer to your space. You already use them to hang your jackets and scarves, why not try putting up a wreath, a few ornaments, or some garland?

Image via House To Home

6. Opt For A Little Tree - Do you remember that giant tree Chevy Chase got in Christmas Vacation? Don't get one of those. Be economic with your space and get a little tree instead. Now you might think to yourself, that looks more like a plant than a Christmas tree, but these guys are actually pretty cute and with the right decorations you won't miss the extra height. Put it on a tabletop or an old sleigh.

Image via At Home In Love

Do you decorate for the holidays in every space you can, like your office and your car? Or is it just something you do at home? Let us know how you deck the halls below.